Come Together: A Collection of Articles Designed to Make you a SIP Rock Star

I have been working on this blog for a little more than a year and in that time I’ve written articles about a wide range of topics related to unified communications. From the beginning, it has been my goal to create articles on subjects that are current, interesting, and relevant to those of us who live and breathe this technology on a daily basis.

Over time, I have mostly learned which subjects excite people and which ones bring out the yawns. I say mostly because there were times when I have been surprised at a particular article’s success (or failure). I write something that I think is of interest only to me and it winds up being a best seller. Of course, that’s what keeps it interesting for me.  I hate predictable.

All of which brings me to today’s article. Actually, it’s something of a non-article since what I want to do is try and make sense of my previous posts. To accomplish that, I am organizing and categorizing articles to allow the reader to intelligently approach the 140+ missives I’ve shared with the world.

Let’s start with the reason I began this blog – SIP. More specifically, allow me to create a launching pad for SIP basics, SIP protocol specifics, and implementation techniques for SIP.

Although it might seem as if I am simply dumping every article I’ve ever written into one of these categories, I have actually taken the time to single out the most important ones. Trust me, I am leaving things out.

Future blogs will categorize many of the other subjects I write about.  Stay tuned for more fun and games.


SIP Basics:

These articles present concepts that define the rationale, need, and underpinnings of SIP


Deep dives into the protocol aspects of SIP:

Read these articles if you want to make sense out of SIP requests, responses, and the technology that SIP employs to get the job done.


Now, the protocol related articles:

These articles are focused on using SIP and the adjunct technologies that SIP employs.


The SIP Ecosystem:

SIP doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Read these articles to understand SIP holistically.


Implementing SIP:

Are you ready to implement SIP? Learn the right and wrong ways to do so.


That’s All Folks

I could have easily added more articles to my lists, but these make up the core of what you need to know. Yes, there is a lot to learn, but isn’t that the case with all good things?

I will continue to add to this list as it makes sense, so you might want to bookmark this page.



  1. Nice Collections.

  2. Nice approach taken to explain the SIP ..

    1. Thank you, Nidhi. I try. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing.It’s very easy to read and understand.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. […] The signaling protocols selected for IMS are the SIP and SDP (3GPP 24.229) over TCP/UDP/SCTP. Would you like to be a SIP rock star? Read the blog written by Andrew Prokop. […]

  5. Manish Agarwal · · Reply

    Excellent material sir, really helpful and keep posting.

  6. Simon Harrison · · Reply

    Hi Andrew great blog is there any of your articles that deal with Session Timers. Thanks

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