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Getting Hands-On with Avaya Breeze Engagement Designer

I tend to do things the hard way. I have a dishwasher, yet I still wash dishes by hand.   I like to fish, but I have no desire to own an electronic fish finder. I make my pizza dough from scratch. I’ve self-published a few books over the years and despite the availability of highly […]

Out with the Call Flow — In With the Workflow

I started working with contact centers long before we called them that. Early in my career, we used the nerdy, yet technically accurate phrase, automatic call distribution (ACD). However, that wasn’t something you wanted to ever say in front of your customers, so the term call center was invented. While call center didn’t exactly describe […]

The Secrets of a Successful SIP Trunk Migration

Learning never exhausts the mind. — Leonardo da Vinci I go to a fair number of trade shows and industry conferences throughout the year and as much as I love presenting at these events, I am just as thrilled to attend sessions given by my communications colleagues. It’s rare when I don’t pick up a […]

Calculating Network Bandwidth for SIP Video Made Easy

A couple weeks ago, I shared my best practices for determining bandwidth requirements for voice calls in the post, Calculating Bandwidth for SIP Trunks Made Easy. Now, while voice is an extremely important aspect of SIP communications, the beauty of SIP is that it isn’t limited to any one media type. For example, the various […]

Debugging Avaya SIP

I have been speaking at the annual IAUG (International Avaya Users Group) conference long before they called themselves the IAUG. In fact, given that my heritage is both Nortel and Avaya, I’ve been a regular at both INNUA (International Nortel Users Association) and InAAU (International Alliance of Avaya Users) get-togethers since the dawn of time […]