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Comprehensive, End-to-End SIP Security

I was out east last week (I grew up in Arizona and we call everything on the right side of the map “out east”) where I worked with a large university and hospital on their move to SIP. They aren’t starting from scratch and have implemented some SIP, but for the most part they are […]

Understanding the SIP OPTIONS Request

Several years ago I bought my sons a set of walkie-talkies. Some of you may remember that for a while they were huge with the teens and tweens. They were on every Christmas and birthday list. Of course, this was before cell phones effectively put an end to the fad. Personally, I thought they were […]

The Anatomy of an INVITE Request

As a high school student, I loved biology. I loved learning about the natural world and how our bodies function. The spleen was my friend — not to mention the pancreas, liver, and lungs. Unlike many of my classmates, I didn’t mind dissecting frogs and the obligatory fetal pig. Okay, I wasn’t overly fond of […]

SIP Media Management: Early Media vs. Late Media

In a previous blog, I addressed the concepts of early offer and late offer. You are welcome to read the article, SIP Media Management: Early Offer vs. Late Offer, but it all boils down to a simple notion. With early offer you put SDP in the INVITE message and with late offer you put SDP […]

SIP Media Management: Early Offer vs. Late Offer

I hate being late. Just ask my wife. She has grown used to the fact that I like being in our seats at least 20 minutes prior to the start of a movie, but she never fails to point out that we are the only ones in the theater at that time.  Thankfully, she has […]

With SIP, Less is the New More

Hello, my name is Andrew Prokop and I am a public radio addict. Except on rare occasions, Minnesota Public Radio is the only station I listen to on my home stereo (do you youngsters still call them stereos?). It’s also the main station on my car radio. Yes, I will sometimes bop around the dial […]

Rummaging Through the SIP Closet

I have a difficult time throwing things out.   Perhaps it’s due to my optimistic nature.  I always feel that no matter how long something has sat around unused, there is a good chance that it will prove useful sometime in the near future.  Just take a look at my dresser drawers and closets.  They are […]

Understanding Avaya IP Shuffling

Here in Minnesota we like to say that there are only two seasons – winter and road construction. As winter finally comes to an end in the frozen north, we are already starting to see the inevitable lane, bridge, and ramp closures.   However, worse than that are all the potholes.  This was an especially cold […]

Understanding SIP Message Bodies

I was born and raised in Arizona, but for many years I’ve called Minnesota home. Yes, I understand that most people make the opposite move, but I truly love it here and no one is twisting my arm to stay. Okay, the first few winters were brutal, but I’ve even grown to appreciate/tolerate those. Minnesota […]

Dipping Your Toes Into the SIP Stream

There are surprises and there are surprises.  For instance, I like it when I come home after a long day at work to find that my wife made dinner reservations at my favorite Saint Paul restaurant – W. A. Frost.    I also like it when I finish my tax returns and discover that I don’t […]