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MindMe: WebRTC for the Greater Good

It’s a sad fact, but in one way or another, most of us have been or will be touched by the suicide of a relative or friend. I have, and although I may not have been able to prevent either of the two deaths, I will go through life wondering if there was one or […]

Hacking as a Service Part One: The Evolution of the Bad Guy

Despite the fact that I consider myself to be a peaceful and reasonably honest person, I adore movies about organized crime and extremely nasty people. Whether it’s Edward G. Robinson playing Rico in the 1931 classic, “Little Caesar,” or the more recent Hollywood offerings “American Gangster” and “The Departed,” there is something about bad guys […]

IoT: Driving the Need for IPv6

It’s impossible to open up the Sunday flier for a major electronics store without seeing ads for smart thermostats, coffee makers, refrigerators, and even light bulbs and Crock-pots.   The notion that nothing is off-limits when it comes to IP addresses has taken the world by storm.   People want their gadgets to be Internet aware and […]

AudioCodes Tackles Simpler Session Management

As a writer about all things communications, I love the fact that there is always a new subject to explore. Manufacturers are either updating existing products or unveiling something completely new and different. Technology is constantly evolving and change is coming at us at a feverish pitch. On top of that, there are so many […]

IAUG Insights — The Road to SIP