Monthly Archives: May 2015

Ancient Modern Communications

I live in what has been called the last eastern city in the United States — Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our houses are old (I live in a 109-year-old Victorian), our roads are curvy (we have avenues that intersect avenues), and quite a few of our garages began their lives as horse barns. Still, despite the […]

A Deep Dive into Logging Out a SIP Client

It’s said that all good things come to an end. At the same time, I’ve heard that there are no ends — just new beginnings. No matter how you see it, life is full of changes and very few things last forever. That’s certainly true in the world of communications. There is no lack of […]

Understanding Fax over IP

For the past ten-plus years enterprises have been making the switch from TDM to IP telephony.   For the most part, this involved replacing older digital telephones with their IP equivalents and converting applications such as voice mail and voice response units to a SIP interface.  The benefits of these conversions are significant and you would […]

From Boxes to Solutions

“Intelligence is based on how efficient a species became at doing the things they need to survive.” Charles Darwin Back in the day, it was extremely common for a company to standardize their communications infrastructure on a single vendor. For instance, if I were to walk into a “Northern Telecom shop,” I was pretty confident […]

The Evolution of the SIP Trunk: From Pipe to Solution

I’m no plumber, but I imagine that the first company to introduce PVC pipes into the market did really well. Up until that point, houses and municipalities were fitted with much heavier cast iron, brass, or steel pipes. Compared to their metal counterparts, PVC pipes were easy to manufacture, transport, install, and they weren’t susceptible […]