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Why I Still Get Excited About Session Border Controllers

I remember my first DVD player. I couldn’t tell you the exact year I bought it, but it must have been sometime in the 1990s. However, I do remember that it cost me around $400 and it wasn’t even the most expensive one on the market. There were quite a few that went for more […]

Unified Communications — Wow, Can I Do That?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a pretty geeky guy.  I am fascinated by new gadgets.  Looking around my desk I see at least nine different electronic widgets, gizmos, and sometimes practical appliances.  Even worse, I have an almost immoral curiosity about what makes them do whatever it is they do.  Scattered amongst […]

Microsoft Lync and Session Border Controllers

As with every other SIP solution for voice communications, there is a place for session border controllers (SBC) in a Microsoft Lync configuration. However, leave it to Microsoft to make their solution different enough that it warrants some discussion. SIP Trunks Let’s start with SIP trunks. As you probably already know, an SBC will sit […]

The Microsoft Lync Survivable Branch Office

Back in the dark ages of telephony (before the year 2000) it could be said that if you had a building you had a PBX.   It didn’t matter if that other building was across the street or across the country.  The wiring of an older PBX had distance limitations and although there were some tricks […]

A Quick Introduction to Microsoft Lync

My history with Microsoft telephony goes back to the early 1990’s when Microsoft and Intel jointly created and released the Telephony Services Applications Programming Interface or TAPI.  TAPI allowed Windows programs to write applications that could directly control a telephone.  A TAPI application could instruct a telephone to do anything that a user of that […]