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Avaya Session Manager vs. Session Border Contoller

I am flying to Arizona next week to speak to an Avaya users group.  This is the third year in a row that I’ve presented to this group and I am excited to be there again for a few reasons.  First, Arizona is my place of birth and I lived there for the first 25 […]

Understanding Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Over the course of several blog articles I’ve mentioned some of the security aspects of SIP.  In Proving it with SIP Authentication I discussed the use of response messages and authentication headers.  That kind of security is delivered at the protocol level.  In other words, SIP clients and servers exchange messages that enforce identity-level security.    […]

The Avaya Collaboration Environment

In my previous blog, Computer Telephony Integration, and APIs, I defined Application Programming Interface and called out the most common telephony APIs – TAPI, TSAPI, and JTAPI.  Each of these APIs has aspects that make them unique, but they share one big thing in common.  All are programming libraries that an application “attaches to” in […]

Computer Telephony Integration and API’s

I have been involved with communications Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) since the dawn of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).  I remember flying to Beaverton, Oregon in 1993 to meet with Intel to discuss this thing they were cooking up with Microsoft that they called Telephony API (TAPI). Along with a few of my Nortel coworkers we […]

Some Pontification on XMPP and SIMPLE

In the world of communications it always seems as if every standard has another, competing standard.  For IP call control we can use SIP or H.323.  In America we use T1s for digital trunks.  In Europe they use E1s for the same thing.  There is no shortage of voice and video codecs to choose from.  […]

New Life for Nortel 11xx / 12xx IP Phones

In my previous blog article, New and Worth Noticing, I wrote that Avaya has a new release of SIP firmware that adds support for many Aura features on Nortel 1100 and 1200 series IP phones.  I mentioned that as a former Nortel employee that warmed the cockles of my telephony heart.  What surprised me was […]

New and Worth Noticing

The business of communications involves a lot of leap-frogging.  A company comes up with something really clever and for a short while they hold bragging rights over their competitor’s products.  I say “short while” because it never seems to take very long before those competitors have the same thing as well as something of their […]

Getting Real with Real-Time Protocol

I’ve written quite a few blogs where I mention that SIP media is sent by something called RTP, but I’ve never described what that means.  Well, today I’ve decided to do something about that. RTP stands for Real-Time Protocol and like the bulk of the standards used by and with SIP, it is managed by […]