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Calculating Bandwidth for SIP Trunks Made Easy

I’ve previously addressed bandwidth calculation here on SIP Adventures, but I thought it was time to update the material and share it with my No Jitter audience.   So, even if you’ve already read through my previous explanations, you might enjoy this refresher. Calculating Bandwidth for SIP Trunks Made Easy

Planning for a Disaster

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” ― John Lennon As big of a Beatles fan that I am, I really don’t believe that. Yes, we can influence where we “are meant to be” by our actions and attitudes, but I am a firm believer that some things just happen. […]

A Developer’s Introduction to Avaya Engagement Call Control (ECC)

I need to start by telling you that I am a Java programmer. Having experienced quite a few computer languages over the years, I started writing in Java fairly exclusively in the late 1990’s. I love the elegance, power, and flexibility of Java. It ran circles around other object oriented languages such as C++ and […]

The Sound Science of Audio Codecs

I have never been happy with the answer “because.” No matter what the subject or question, I am not satisfied until I am told the whys, wherefores, and possible exceptions. While I can’t claim to fully understand every explanation I’m provided (I still don’t completely fathom relativity), I want the opportunity to try. I won’t […]

Ancient Modern Communications

I live in what has been called the last eastern city in the United States — Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our houses are old (I live in a 109-year-old Victorian), our roads are curvy (we have avenues that intersect avenues), and quite a few of our garages began their lives as horse barns. Still, despite the […]

Enterprise Connect Revisited

“Time is the longest distance between two places.” Tennessee Williams Time is a curious thing. Enterprise Connect 2015 ended only a short time ago and yet it already feels like the distant past. It doesn’t help that I’ve done about a million things since leaving Orlando, but even so, it wasn’t that long ago, was […]

Understanding SIP Re-INVITE

For the most part, SIP isn’t all that complicated. The messages are fairly easy to understand and the call flows are straightforward enough.   In previous articles, I have shown how vendors like Avaya have implemented SIP solutions that make it more difficult to follow some call flows, but even they become manageable once you understand […]

Avaya Aura IMS Processing Once Again

Last week, I walked you through how Avaya implements IMS processing between Session Manager and Communication Manager.   Even though it may have looked fairly complicated and slightly convoluted, I actually did you a favor by greatly simplifying the call flow. The complete call flow is even worse. I also did myself a favor by presenting […]

Breaking Down Communications Jargon

Let’s face it. The communications industry is jargon filled to the point where we come off like a secret society. Our acronyms are the secret handshakes that either let you into the club or keep you out in the cold. In my latest article for No Jitter, I present a series of terms and concepts […]

A Look at SIP-Based Voice Mail Part Two

Last week in my article A Look at How Avaya Aura Supports SIP-Based Voice Mail, I walked you through how a ringing call is redirected to a voice mail server. You saw the incoming INVITE, the 181 Call is Being Forwarded, and the subsequent INVITE to Modular Messaging. That’s all good stuff, but I left […]