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A Memorial Day Remembrance: From Morse Code to SIP

This article appears today in No Jitter. Today is Memorial Day and I can’t help but think about my recently deceased father and his service to his country. My father was nearly 92-years-old when he died and like most men his age, he spent his late teens and early twenties in some branch of the […]

Underdog and the Future of Addictive Communications

I recently posted this over at TalkingPointz. Like me, I am sure you’ve seen articles and news stories about how the old Jetsons cartoons predicted the future. Off the top of my head, I can think of: Robot vacuums (can you say Roomba?) Flat screen TVs Tanning beds Talking appliances Video phones In a moment […]

Calculating Bandwidth for SIP Trunks Made Easy

I’ve previously addressed bandwidth calculation here on SIP Adventures, but I thought it was time to update the material and share it with my No Jitter audience.   So, even if you’ve already read through my previous explanations, you might enjoy this refresher. Calculating Bandwidth for SIP Trunks Made Easy

WebRTC Webinar Recording

The playback for my WebRTC for Beginners webinar is available. Since I hate listening to myself talk, I will not be clicking on the link.  I was told that it went well, though.  The survey results were all positive and I received a number of positive comments.  I hope you enjoy it as much as […]

Webinar: WebRTC for Beginners

Are you baffled by WebRTC – what it is and what it is used for? Are you looking to rollout WebRTC within your enterprise, but aren’t sure of the best approach? Are you an old-school communications type who wants to stay relevant in an ever and fast changing industry? If so, you need to attend […]

Everyone is a Winner with IoT

I am fairly certain that nearly everyone knows the story about the six blind men coming upon an elephant.   Depending on each man’s vantage point, the elephant was a rope, a wall, a pillar, a fan, the branch of a tree, or a solid pipe. Eventually, they learned to cooperate and combine their impressions to […]

How to Master the Artful Science of Speech Queries

It has been said that everything old is new again and that has certainly been true for me. I began my career as a software designer, walked away from while-loops and if-statements about 12 years ago, and recently (and quite unexpectedly), found myself knee deep back in the world of Java programming and webpage design. […]

Teaching Mom About PaaS

Here’s a little something I posted on TalkingPointz. Despite the fact that I wasn’t born in Missouri, I am very much a “show me” kind of a guy. Abstract technology only excites me so much and I need to touch, see, or hear something before I’m convinced it truly is a better mousetrap. In a […]

With SBCs, Little Things Matter

I try to do the right thing at the right time. They may just be little things, but usually they make the difference between winning and losing. — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar I’ve been married a long time, and if I’ve learned one big lesson these past 34+ years, it’s pay attention to the little things.  For […]