Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Moral Case for Unified Communications

Like many people across the world, I was enthralled by Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. I smiled at the images of him in that tiny black Fiat and listened intently to his speeches before the United States Congress, the United Nations staff, and the United Nations General Assembly. While I am not a […]

Step-by-Step SIP

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln Failure is rarely something we plan for, but more often the result of failing to plan. This is true in life and it’s certainly true here in the world of unified communications. The most […]

How Communications Enabled Business Processes Goes Mainstream

When it comes to unified communications, it’s not always easy to tell reality from hype. For instance, for many years I have been reading how the use of video conferencing is growing by leaps and bounds. Even I have touted research numbers that show a tremendous increase in the number of companies that have purchased […]

An Avaya Aura Session Manager Cookbook

A long time ago, I learned that I don’t fully understand something until I can explain it to someone else. Not only does that require me to translate the gobbledygook in my head into words, but it forces me to completely learn the subject I profess to know. Trust me when I say that neither […]

The VPN is Dead…

My job used to be a place I went to.  If my car broke down, I didn’t work.   If the roads were too icy to drive on, I didn’t work.  If I had to stay home waiting for a repair person, I didn’t work.  I suppose I could have sat down with a pad of […]