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Contextual Communications

I sometimes feel as if interruptions define my work life. My days are an endless stream of emails, instant messages, SMS text messages, telephone calls, and voicemails.  They are all like doorbells that won’t stop ringing.  As soon as I respond to the first, the next visitor is at the door demanding my attention.  I […]

Telephone Spotting

I have an odd quirk.  Actually, it’s more of a habit than a true quirk.  When I go into a place of business, one of the first things I do is look to see what kind of phone system they have.  While I try to be discreet about it, I sometimes need to peer over […]

Understanding the SIP Replaces Header

I have been writing articles for this blog since June of 2013.  My goal is to cover the many different aspects of unified communications with a clear emphasis on SIP.  Every once in a while I push the envelope and write about something that only has a loose connection to communications, but for the most […]

The Rise of the Mobile Device

I maintain two blogs.  There is, of course, the SIP blog you are reading at this very moment.  I also have one that is as far from SIP and IP technology as you can possibly get. They draw very different audiences, but over the past few years I’ve seen the same change in how those […]

How to Debug SIP

When I was younger I had two careers in mind – a college professor or a radio disc jockey.   For better or worse, I ended up being a software developer at a telecommunications company.  I can’t complain too much, though.  I worked on a number of really cool projects.  I’ve traveled all around the world […]

Building a Resilient SIP Solution

I am the father of three boys.   More accurately, I am the father of three men since the oldest is 29 and the youngest is 22.  However, for most of their existence they were boys and to me that meant years of worrying about broken bones, cuts, bruises, and much worse.  They all came through […]

Unified Communications — Wow, Can I Do That?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a pretty geeky guy.  I am fascinated by new gadgets.  Looking around my desk I see at least nine different electronic widgets, gizmos, and sometimes practical appliances.  Even worse, I have an almost immoral curiosity about what makes them do whatever it is they do.  Scattered amongst […]

In The Beginning: SIP Registration

Back in the good old days of telephony, you were identified by the wire you were attached to.   It didn’t matter what physical telephone you plugged into that wire.  You could even split the wire and stick each end into different telephones, but you (i.e. your telephone number) didn’t change.  That’s certainly the way it […]

SIP Beyond Dial Tone

Question.  What can you do with SIP?  If you are like most people you will tell me that “SIP is used to make telephone calls.”  Some of you might also add video calls to the list, but for the most part I would be told that SIP is used to make some sort of “call.”  […]