Monthly Archives: January 2016

SIP Survivability vs. Mother Nature

One of the biggest aspects of my job is helping enterprises transition from TDM to SIP. For the most part, this entails analyzing call volumes, identifying and quantifying risk, qualifying SIP servers and services, and creating a resilient, redundant SIP architecture with no single points of failure. Nine times out of ten this is driven […]

How Text Messaging is Changing the Customer Care Experience

Here are a few statistics I want you to consider: Of all the uses for cell phones, sending and reading text messages come in at number one and number two. Making a call comes in at a distant number six. Texting is the most widely-used and frequently used app on a cell phone with 97% […]

Taming the Dial Plan Spaghetti Monster

I have been making and answering telephone calls for over 50 years and yet I still struggle when it comes to remembering the numbers of most of the people I see and work with on a daily basis. Heck, I couldn’t even tell you the telephone numbers of my kid’s cell phones. That’s not because […]

Where Have all the SBCs Gone

A few weeks ago, I wrote the first of my teaser articles for the Enterprise Connect 2016 session, Understanding and Leveraging SIP for Your Enterprise. Admittedly, it was pretty nerdy and protocol intensive, and while I will certainly be delving into the low level aspects of SIP during my EC16 presentation, I plan on doing […]