SIP Survivability vs. Mother Nature

One of the biggest aspects of my job is helping enterprises transition from TDM to SIP. For the most part, this entails analyzing call volumes, identifying and quantifying risk, qualifying SIP servers and services, and creating a resilient, redundant SIP architecture with no single points of failure. Nine times out of ten this is driven by the enterprise’s desire to lower telephone bills and build a more flexible disaster recovery strategy. While I wholeheartedly support those endeavors, replacing trunks is only the tip of the SIP iceberg. For me, the most exciting part about SIP is its ability to change where and how we work.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I write about SIP Survivability and the big winter storm (so far) of 2016.  Are you prepared for what Mother Nature is planning for us?

SIP Survivability vs. Mother Nature


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