Monthly Archives: August 2015

Disruptive Innovations in Unified Communications

Do you remember your first public email account? I remember mine. It was a Yahoo account that I created sometime in the 1990’s. While I had a work email account for a number of years prior to that, it was only used for “professional” emails within my company and to other companies. It wasn’t the […]

Taking SIP Beyond Dial Tone

I have a question for all my readers. What is SIP used for?  If you are like most people in the communications industry, you will tell me that SIP is used to make telephone calls.  Some of you might also mention point-to-point or multiparty video, but in general, most people think of SIP as a […]

Connecting the on-demand consumer to an on-demand workforce with an on-demand infrastructure

There is a tectonic shift in how we transact business.   For the longest time, the model has been that producers created branded products. For instance, Ford built cars. Those cars had unique names that carried the Ford label on the front grill and back hatch. The cars were sent to dealers around the world who […]

Regular Checkups for Healthy Communications

I am the first to admit it. I don’t like going to either the doctor or the dentist. It makes me uncomfortable when someone stares into my ears, up my nose, or into my mouth. I don’t like being poked, prodded, and told to “turn your head and cough.” However, I do recognize the value […]

SIP Trunks Without the Hassle

We all know how easy it is to get an email address. You go to Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft, fill out a few simple questions, and in less than two minutes, you have a working email address with an unlimited ability to send and receive emails to any other email user across the world. What […]