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A Close Look at Avaya Aura IMS Call Processing — Part One

It goes without saying that SIP is a protocol. After all, it is Session Initiation Protocol. It’s a series of request methods, responses, headers, and documented call flows. You send an INVITE and expect to receive a 100 Trying, 180 Ringing, and eventually a 200 OK. That’s the way I was taught SIP and that […]

Peeling Back the SIP Resiliency Layers

Like most people, I like it when my machines work. If I get into my car and turn the key, I expect the engine to start and the tires to roll. Of course, I play an important role in keeping my Prius on the road. I follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. I keep the […]

A Developer’s Introduction to Avaya Engagement Call Control (ECC)

I need to start by telling you that I am a Java programmer. Having experienced quite a few computer languages over the years, I started writing in Java fairly exclusively in the late 1990’s. I love the elegance, power, and flexibility of Java. It ran circles around other object oriented languages such as C++ and […]

Delivering SIP Via the Cloud

We have come to embrace cloud delivery for many critical business services and understand the value the cloud provides. On the surface, carrier SIP Trunks may look like a cloud service because they are delivered via an IP-like connection, but when you dive in, you find that they don’t share the typical benefits associated with […]

I Have Seen the Future of Healthcare…and it is Now

I can’t remember the last time I stepped inside a bank. With auto deposit, online banking, and ATM machines, there is no reason for me to stand in line waiting for the next available teller. I receive the same level of service without having to get into a car and make a special trip. The […]

A Quick and Dirty Toll-Free Primer

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted. -Aldous Huxley Let’s face it. We are surrounded by things that we don’t truly understand. I am writing this article from my kitchen table about eight feet from my refrigerator. While I know it uses a compressor and a refrigerant to keep […]