Monthly Archives: April 2016

Changing Communication Behavior — Game On!

Here’s something I guest blogged on TalkingPointz. I love my Prius, but not for most of the reasons people love their cars.  While it’s nice enough on the inside, it’s certainly not very luxurious.   It’s cute, but it’s far from sexy.  I can get it up to left-lane freeway speeds, but it’s no Camaro.   I’m […]

Enhancing the RFP with APIs

I am not a big fan of RFPs (Request for Proposal) and feel that all too often they are a race to the bottom.  Instead of proposing the best and potentially more expensive solution, respondents describe the cheapest solution that minimally meets the customer’s needs.  So, rather than comparing one great solution to another, the […]

Zang From the Inside Out

When I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s, the big question of the day was “Mary Ann or Ginger?”  Being the fairly wholesome, innocent child that I was, my answer was always the same – Mary Ann.  Ginger certainly had her appeal (which grew as I got older), but Mary Ann was the […]

My Life as an Avaya Breeze Boot Camp Recruit

There are days when I feel that all I do for a living is talk.  My calendar is filled with meetings that are essentially conference calls with coworkers, vendors, and customers.  If there was a Fitbit for my mouth, it would far outpace anything I do with my arms and legs. It wasn’t always like […]

Hacking as a Service Part Two: Help is Here

Two weeks ago, I introduced you to a new nemesis in Hacking as a Service Part One: The Evolution of the Bad Guy. The ways that people can do you harm has intensified and the tools they employ to carry out their dirty work are far more sophisticated than the ILOVEYOU worm that wreaked havoc […]