My Life as an Avaya Breeze Boot Camp Recruit

There are days when I feel that all I do for a living is talk.  My calendar is filled with meetings that are essentially conference calls with coworkers, vendors, and customers.  If there was a Fitbit for my mouth, it would far outpace anything I do with my arms and legs.

It wasn’t always like this, though.  I began my career as a software developer and spent the first 26 years of my working life writing code for enterprise and carrier solutions.  Starting with assembler language for Intel 8085 processors and ending with Java code for carrier-grade SIP solutions, I’ve written for dozens of platforms using five different programming languages.  While nearly every one of the products I helped create would seem quaint by today’s standards, they were once considered cutting edge and I am still proud of my contributions.

In today’s article for No Jitter, I write about my three days at the Avaya Breeze Boot Camp.  After way too many years away from programming, I was pleased to discover that I hadn’t lost the touch and before the end of the class, I was coding along with the best of them.

My Life as an Avaya Breeze Boot Camp Recruit

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