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AudioCodes Tackles Simpler Session Management

As a writer about all things communications, I love the fact that there is always a new subject to explore. Manufacturers are either updating existing products or unveiling something completely new and different. Technology is constantly evolving and change is coming at us at a feverish pitch. On top of that, there are so many […]

Taming the Dial Plan Spaghetti Monster

I have been making and answering telephone calls for over 50 years and yet I still struggle when it comes to remembering the numbers of most of the people I see and work with on a daily basis. Heck, I couldn’t even tell you the telephone numbers of my kid’s cell phones. That’s not because […]

Understanding Avaya Aura SIP Registration

Let’s start at the very beginning a very good place to start when you read you begin with A B C when you sing you begin with Do Re Mi I have always loved musicals and Rogers and Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music” is high on my list of favorites. Sure, it’s corny and far […]

Learning to Work With Avaya Aura Session Manager Adaptations

The problem with standards is that they rarely are. Despite the fact that SIP has been around since the 1990’s, is fairly well documented, and exists inside solutions from a variety of providers, there are still far too many situations where one vendor’s SIP has trouble speaking with another vendor’s SIP. Solution X might use […]

An Even Closer Look at Avaya Aura Call Processing

Last week, I walked you through how Avaya implements IMS processing between Session Manager and Communication Manager.   Even though it may have looked fairly complicated and slightly convoluted, I actually did you a favor by greatly simplifying the call flow. The complete call flow is even more involved. I also did myself a favor by […]

Peeling Back the SIP Resiliency Layers

Like most people, I like it when my machines work. If I get into my car and turn the key, I expect the engine to start and the tires to roll. Of course, I play an important role in keeping my Prius on the road. I follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. I keep the […]

An Avaya Aura Session Manager Cookbook

A long time ago, I learned that I don’t fully understand something until I can explain it to someone else. Not only does that require me to translate the gobbledygook in my head into words, but it forces me to completely learn the subject I profess to know. Trust me when I say that neither […]

A traceSM view of Avaya Aura IMS Processing

It goes without saying that SIP is a protocol. After all, it is Session Initiation Protocol. It’s a series of request methods, responses, headers, and documented call flows. You send an INVITE and expect to receive a 100 Trying, 180 Ringing, and eventually a 200 OK. That’s the way I teach SIP and that is […]

Eating SIP One Bite at a Time

Question. How do you eat an elephant? Answer. One bite at a time. My piano teacher had those words taped to the wall of his studio and they are as applicable to a large communications project as they are to learning a new piece of music.   You will wind up completely frustrated if you attempt […]

Thank You For Calling — Voicemail and SIP

I need to begin with a full disclosure.  I am not a big fan of listening to voicemails.  Give me email, instant message, or SMS text over dialing a phone and playing a voice message any day of the week.  Voice messages on my PC as WAV files are a little better, but I find […]