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Ayaya Spaces WebSocket Coolness

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin I don’t have to tell you this, but we live in complicated and highly uncertain times.  In the past several months we’ve had to confront a pandemic of epic proportions, a worldwide economic slowdown, and an awareness of […]

In Search of the Blue Ideas

Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. — J. K. Rowling I grew up immersed in science fiction.  Not only did I read  science fiction novels and short stories by the handful, I was in a science fiction book […]

WebRTC Webinar Recording

The playback for my WebRTC for Beginners webinar is available. Since I hate listening to myself talk, I will not be clicking on the link.  I was told that it went well, though.  The survey results were all positive and I received a number of positive comments.  I hope you enjoy it as much as […]

Webinar: WebRTC for Beginners

Are you baffled by WebRTC – what it is and what it is used for? Are you looking to rollout WebRTC within your enterprise, but aren’t sure of the best approach? Are you an old-school communications type who wants to stay relevant in an ever and fast changing industry? If so, you need to attend […]

MindMe: WebRTC for the Greater Good

It’s a sad fact, but in one way or another, most of us have been or will be touched by the suicide of a relative or friend. I have, and although I may not have been able to prevent either of the two deaths, I will go through life wondering if there was one or […]

A Look Back at 2015

2015 is drawing to a close and despite the holidays, I was able to eke out one last article for No Jitter this week.  Not to brag, but with this one I meet my goal of a new article every week (with one secret ghost written article). Here’s to a great 2016 for unified communications […]

How Communications Enabled Business Processes Goes Mainstream

When it comes to unified communications, it’s not always easy to tell reality from hype. For instance, for many years I have been reading how the use of video conferencing is growing by leaps and bounds. Even I have touted research numbers that show a tremendous increase in the number of companies that have purchased […]

Andrew Speaks at Converge2015

Every year I speak at the International Avaya User’s Group Converge conference. Next week, Converge2015 is being held in Denver, Colorado and I am presenting seven (yes, seven) breakout sessions.   I work hard researching my topics and enjoy meeting fellow Avaya users while helping spread the good word about Avaya’s products and technologies. If you […]

Enterprise Connect Revisited

“Time is the longest distance between two places.” Tennessee Williams Time is a curious thing. Enterprise Connect 2015 ended only a short time ago and yet it already feels like the distant past. It doesn’t help that I’ve done about a million things since leaving Orlando, but even so, it wasn’t that long ago, was […]

Striking the Right WebRTC Balance

I stir up controversy every time I say this, but I will say it anyway. WebRTC does not define a signaling protocol. This means that developers are free to use whatever method or protocol they want when they create their solutions. In my latest article for No Jitter, I introduce my readers to the AudioCodes […]