Cisco, Meet Avaya. Avaya, Meet Cisco

Come together, right now

over me

Lennon and McCartney


If you are as old as I am, you have almost certainly been asked this question at least once in your life:

Beatles or Stones?”

While that is an easy answer for some folks, I happen to really like both bands.  No single Beatle had the stage presence of Mick Jagger and to this day it’s hard to beat a Lennon and McCartney song.  Both bands produced great albums that stand the test of time and their considerable impacts on music and popular culture are undeniable.

Today, I am faced with different, yet similarly earth shattering questions.  “Windows PC or Mac?”  “Android or iPhone?”  “Uber or Lyft?”

In my latest article for No Jitter, I  demonstrate how Cisco, Avaya, and IoT can happily coexist.

Cisco, Meet Avaya. Avaya, Meet Cisco

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