SIP Trunks Without the Hassle

We all know how easy it is to get an email address. You go to Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft, fill out a few simple questions, and in less than two minutes, you have a working email address with an unlimited ability to send and receive emails to any other email user across the world. What could be simpler?

Compare that to ordering and installing a SIP trunk from a traditional voice carrier. Despite the fact that SIP is just another IP service, it can take weeks or months from the time you place an order to your first SIP call. In today’s speed-of-light business environment, delay means lost dollars, customers, and goodwill. Impatient people like me want it and we want it now.

My latest article for No Jitter takes a look at Flowroute and their exciting way of offering SIP trunks to enterprises and developers.

SIP Trunks Get Easier


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