Even More about IoT

Beth Schultz of No Jitter did a great job summarizing our recent podcast about IoT and communications workflows.  Take a look *and* a listen.

No Jitter On Air:  Getting IoT Into The Communications Mix


  1. HI Andrew,

    My pleasure to have chance to communicate with you, I beg your pardon to ask you question related to jitter and IOT, but not directly related to the above topic, I am searching for threshold acceptable value of VOIP jitter. I am currently doing research regarding VOIP over VANET, I could not find an acceptable reference value of jitter in any reliable reference to use this value as a reference in my research. The value which I can found in some webpages is 30,40,50 msec. can I rely on these values.

    Thanks in advance for your time

    1. Most people believe that anything beyond 40ms is a problem.

  2. Thanks a lot for you time and your answer, but is there any reference value mentioned in an official academic or standardization institute?

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