AudioCodes Accepts the SBC Toaster Challenge

Last week in my No Jitter article, When the Session Border Controller Became the Toaster, I challenged the SBC vendors to excite me about their products and tell me why their solutions were better than browned bread. Well, quite a few did just that. A few commented on the No Jitter page. A few more wrote emails inviting me to attend webinars or to read their product pitches. However, one vendor went out of their way and wrote an entire blog article about their differences and why they feel that their SBC is the best on the market.

I thought that was seriously cool and wanted to give AudioCodes a big shout-out. I have worked with those guys quite a bit over the years and have been directly involved in positioning everything from their smallest TDM to SIP gateway to their much bigger Mediant 3000. They are easy to work with and have always been aggressive when it came to understanding the market and delivering innovative software.

AudioCodes – Not a Toaster After All

I would like to challenge other SBC vendors to do the same thing. Write an article about why your SBC is amazing, send me the link, and I will do the same for you as I did for AudioCodes. It will be good for you, this blog, and the entire unified communications community.

Also, writing and posting an article sure beats dumping a bucket of ice water over your head.


  1. We actually considered dumping the ice water over our heads, but chose the blog route! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. I live in Minnesota and for the next several months it will feel like multiple buckets of ice water dumped over my head every single day.

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