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It’s Not Social…It’s Business

Will you be ready for the next new thing?  Are you prepared to meet the expectations of the web-based consumer?  Do you have a social media strategy?  What are you doing with WebRTC?  Have you upgraded to SIP? In my latest article for No Jitter, I explore how social media and business have merged.  It’s […]

Privacy, Online Access, and the Fragility of Life

My latest article for No Jitter is more of a philosophical pondering than a technical exploration (but it’s that, too).  No matter what, it’s something we all deal with every time we open a web page or post a social media status update. Privacy, Online Access, and the Fragility of Life Don’t worry about me […]

Unified Social Media Communications

My favorite part of parenting is watching my children grow into wonderful adults.  I have three adult children and I am very proud of each of them. As it is with many families, the three brothers chose different career paths.   Their paths also differ from my career choice.  I was the engineering type that loved working […]

Will the Real Unified Communications Please Stand Up

I cannot tell you the first time I heard the term “unified communications,” but I do remember the first time I experienced something akin to it.  It was back in my Northern Telecom days and I was working on a product that we called VISIT.  I honestly can’t remember exactly what VISIT stood for (Visual […]

It’s Not Social…It’s Business

Time magazine began choosing their Person of the Year (formerly the Man of the Year) in 1927 with the selection of Minnesota native and famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh.  Since that time, the list has been predominantly filled with politicians and world leaders.  It’s rare to see someone from industry make the list.  In fact, in […]