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Avaya Breeze — Up Close and Personal

I recently presented a one-hour webinar that walked folks through the basics of creating Avaya Breeze Snap-Ins.  It’s similar to my Introductory and Advanced YouTube videos, but it’s different enough to warrant a look even if you did wade though all ten lessons.  The user questions at the end may be worth the price of […]

Adding JavaScript Functions to Breeze Snap-Ins

Welcome to the fourth in my series of Advanced Breeze videos.  Here, I discuss how to add JavaScript functions to Breeze Snap-Ins.  This is really important stuff to know and not intuitively obvious.  🙂

Adding Web Services to an Avaya Breeze Snap-In

Welcome back to my Avaya Breeze video series.  Up to this point, I have primarily focused on telephone calls.  Parts One through Three dealt with a Snap-In that created and manipulated an outbound call.  In Part Four, I turned my attention to intercepting an incoming call. Today I would like to shake things up a […]

Avaya Breeze Step-by-Step: Part 1

“Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” Chico Marx I haven’t been shy about my work with Avaya’s Breeze development platform.  I’ve written about my experiences with the Java SDK along with the drag and drop interface, Engagement Designer.  Additionally, I’ve tackled subjects such as Avaya’s Real-Time Speech Recognition and Context […]