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It Takes More Than SIP to Get the Job Done

As a Minnesotan on the cusp of another long and cold winter, March feels like a lifetime away. While I have the holidays to lift my spirits here in the month of December, January and February are nothing more than snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures.   It gets so bad that there will come a time […]

A Wireshark View of Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP)

I’ve been on a Wireshark binge these past few weeks. In November, I took you on a tour of a SIP conference in Dissecting a SIP Conference Call and in December you got to see the nitty-gritty of transfer in Dissecting SIP Transfer and media transmission in A Wireshark View of Real-Time Protocol (RTP). Clearly, […]

A Wireshark View of Real-Time Protocol (RTP)

Despite the fact that we’ve entered the holiday season, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are proving to be some of the busiest of the year. Last week I was in Tampa and this week I travel to Salt Lake City and Phoenix.   It doesn’t stop there, though. Next Monday, I fly to Detroit […]

DTMF and RFC 2833 / 4733 Revisited

In the past year and a half that I have been writing this blog, I’ve had my share of highly successful articles and a number of total flops. The unfortunate thing is that I never know how any particular article will fare until it has been out there for a while. For instance, my top […]

Finding and Fixing SIP and VoIP Problems

With the exception of perhaps Frank Sinatra’s voice, nothing in life is perfect. This is especially true for those of us in the software business. Of course, if the developers got it right the very first time, people like me would be quickly out of work. My job depends upon problems to fix and next […]

The Anatomy of an INVITE Request

As a high school student, I loved biology. I loved learning about the natural world and how our bodies function. The spleen was my friend — not to mention the pancreas, liver, and lungs. Unlike many of my classmates, I didn’t mind dissecting frogs and the obligatory fetal pig. Okay, I wasn’t overly fond of […]

Getting Real with Real-Time Protocol

I’ve written quite a few blogs where I mention that SIP media is sent by something called RTP, but I’ve never described what that means.  Well, today I’ve decided to do something about that. RTP stands for Real-Time Protocol and like the bulk of the standards used by and with SIP, it is managed by […]