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A Deep Dive into SIP Subscriptions

When asked about SIP, most people will tell you that it’s used to make telephone calls over an IP network. While that is certainly a true statement, it’s far too limiting. Ask me about SIP and I may mention telephone calls, but I will also tell you about media that has nothing to do with […]

The Great Presence Challenge

We’ve all done this. You are sitting in front of your PC working on a project and realize that you need some important information from a coworker. Let’s call that coworker Deborah Olson. You click over to Microsoft Lync, find Deborah in your contacts list, and see that her presence jellybean shows her to be […]

Implementing Presence With SIP

Are you familiar with busy lamps on telephones? For many years, they were the only way you could “see” the telephone status of a coworker. For example, let’s say that Andrew is the administrative assistant to Debbie and as part of his job, Andrew needs to know when Debbie is on and off the phone. […]

Some Pontification on XMPP and SIMPLE

In the world of communications it always seems as if every standard has another, competing standard.  For IP call control we can use SIP or H.323.  In America we use T1s for digital trunks.  In Europe they use E1s for the same thing.  There is no shortage of voice and video codecs to choose from.  […]