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Nortel — Five Years On

We have all experienced this. You read or hear about something that occurred years ago and your immediate reaction is one of utter surprise. “What do you mean that happened in 2009? I could have sworn it was only last year.” I call it the “Michael Jackson Syndrome.”  Michael Jackson has been dead for over […]

Understanding SIP Message Bodies

I was born and raised in Arizona, but for many years I’ve called Minnesota home. Yes, I understand that most people make the opposite move, but I truly love it here and no one is twisting my arm to stay. Okay, the first few winters were brutal, but I’ve even grown to appreciate/tolerate those. Minnesota […]

March 7th, 1876 and the Birth of Telephony

Today is a day that should be celebrated in every telecom department across the world.  Why?  Because on March 7th, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell was granted United States patent 174,465 for his invention of the telephone.  While there is some controversy over who actually came up with the original idea for the telephone, Mr. Bell […]

Telephone Spotting

I have an odd quirk.  Actually, it’s more of a habit than a true quirk.  When I go into a place of business, one of the first things I do is look to see what kind of phone system they have.  While I try to be discreet about it, I sometimes need to peer over […]

New Life for Nortel 11xx / 12xx IP Phones

In my previous blog article, New and Worth Noticing, I wrote that Avaya has a new release of SIP firmware that adds support for many Aura features on Nortel 1100 and 1200 series IP phones.  I mentioned that as a former Nortel employee that warmed the cockles of my telephony heart.  What surprised me was […]