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The Moral Case for Unified Communications

Like many people across the world, I was enthralled by Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. I smiled at the images of him in that tiny black Fiat and listened intently to his speeches before the United States Congress, the United Nations staff, and the United Nations General Assembly. While I am not a […]

Saving Lives with WebRTC

Dynamic information such as GPS coordinates are known by Google, Siri and other Apps on a smart phone, but these Apps don’t have the way, or key, to share that information with the outside world. It’s available on the phone, but the 9-1-1 center can’t get at it. Even though my name doesn’t appear on […]

Next Generation 9-1-1

We all have a fundamental understanding as to what happens when we pick up a telephone and dial 911.  We expect that our call will be answered by an emergency response specialist close by and not by someone hundreds of miles away. However, have you ever thought about how that happens?  Have you thought about […]