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Digital Transformation — Avaya Breeze and Beyond

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke In technology, some ideas take a long time to catch on.  Consider Microsoft’s journey to Skype for Business.  For better or worse, I was there from the beginning — from Microsoft’s first foray into telephony […]

IAUG Insights — The Road to SIP

Andrew Speaks at Converge2015

Every year I speak at the International Avaya User’s Group Converge conference. Next week, Converge2015 is being held in Denver, Colorado and I am presenting seven (yes, seven) breakout sessions.   I work hard researching my topics and enjoy meeting fellow Avaya users while helping spread the good word about Avaya’s products and technologies. If you […]

Now Showing: A Summer Series of Communications Webinars

As many of you already know, I work a lot with Avaya technology. This puts me very close to Session Managers, Communication Managers, System Managers, and all kinds of One-X endpoints. More importantly, it puts me close to the users of that technology. I regularly speak with small, medium, and large businesses and enterprises on […]

Avaya Session Manager Lessons Learned and Relearned

I attended the International Avaya Users Group Converge2014 in Dallas, Texas last week.  This has been an annual event for me for many years and despite the non-stop days and nearly sleepless nights, it’s something I look forward to very much.  Not only do I get a chance to stand before like-minded people and pontificate […]

Converge2014: Building a Secure SIP Network

For the most part, I love my job.  I love sifting through Wireshark traces trying to find needles in SIP haystacks.  I get excited learning about new IP communications products.  My heart practically skips a beat when I read about another SIP service climbing out of its physical shell and going virtual. However, the best […]