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Video Conferencing Fundamentals

For many years, communications vendors have been hailing video conferencing as the next big thing. In fact, my first toe-dip into video conferencing was way back in the early 1990s. I was a software developer at Northern Telecom and we came up with a product that we called VISIT Video. It was Lync long before […]

A Cornucopia of Codecs

Over the past few months I’ve written a lot about the signaling aspects of IP communications and although I’ve mentioned media as the result of a SIP session, I haven’t really gone into much detail about the different types of media. Well, today I plan on rectifying that and spending some time on audio as […]

SIP vs. H.323

On a number of occasions I’ve mentioned how I prefer SIP over H.323.  Some of you, rightfully so, are probably wondering why?  Just because SIP is newer doesn’t make it better.  Well, here are a number of reasons why I’ll take SIP over H.323 any day of the week. First, let’s look at who controls […]

SIP for Beginners

I realize that I sometimes write about the SIP and SIP services as if everyone in the world has the same background and experiences as me.  That isn’t meant as a brag.  There are lots of important things that I haven’t a clue about.  I do know SIP, though, and it’s essential that I write […]

Refer Madness

Do you have a favorite song?  How about a favorite color?  A favorite SIP message?  What’s that?  You don’t have a favorite SIP message?  You really should.  Since SIP only has about a dozen messages it shouldn’t be too hard to pick one.  I did and mine is Refer.  Does that surprise you?  Yes, Invite […]

Bring Your Own Experience

How many of you work on a computer that’s three-years-old?  Four years?  Five?  Have you replaced your notebook computer with a handheld or tablet device?  How about your cell phone?  Do you still use a flip phone?  Has your phone become your de facto camera?  Does your TV set have a cathode ray tube or […]

Intelligent SIP Endpoints

In an H.323 VoIP network, all call processing intelligence is contained within the PBX and H.323 telephones are little more than stimulus devices.  An H.323 telephone informs the PBX when the user pressed a button.  The PBX tells the telephone when to light a lamp and what to write to its display.  The PBX tells […]