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Why I Still Get Excited About Session Border Controllers

I remember my first DVD player. I couldn’t tell you the exact year I bought it, but it must have been sometime in the 1990s. However, I do remember that it cost me around $400 and it wasn’t even the most expensive one on the market. There were quite a few that went for more […]

New and Worth Noticing

The business of communications involves a lot of leap-frogging.  A company comes up with something really clever and for a short while they hold bragging rights over their competitor’s products.  I say “short while” because it never seems to take very long before those competitors have the same thing as well as something of their […]

A Quick Primer on Transcoding

Transcoding is the process of converting one protocol to another.  In the IP communications world, this might entail converting H.323 to SIP.  H.323 was the first widely used VoIP protocol and many older systems have not been updated to speak SIP.  Through transcoding, these older systems can still participate in a SIP communications cloud. Transcoding […]

An Interview with an Andrew — Top Trends in Communications

This morning I was interviewed by a representative of the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) as part of an effort to review and identify opportunities for improving their educational offerings. As someone who has spoken at many of their conferences and presented even more topics at their regional and chapter gatherings, I go back a […]

Andrew’s Session Border Controller Checklist

A Session Border Controller (SBC) is an integral part of any SIP solution that has a public edge.  It might be easiest to think of it as a firewall for SIP, but it’s so much more than that.  An SBC can perform Network Address Translation (NAT) between an enterprise’s private to public IP space (and […]

Choosing the Right SBC — It All Depends

I am often asked the question, “What’s the best Session Border Controller?”  To me, that is like asking, “What’s the best place to vacation?”  It all depends on what you’re looking for.  Do you want to lie on the sand on some tropical beach or is skiing down a mountain slope your idea of a […]