An Introduction to Avaya Virtual Agent Studio

This is how memories are made…by going with the flow.

Amanda Bynes

These past several days have seen me immersed in learning and working with Avaya’s Virtual Agent Studio. Simply put, Virtual Agent Studio is a platform for creating AI-infused virtual agents. Virtual Agent Studio agents can then be used for chat bots, web bots, voice bots, text bots, etc. They can be fully self-contained (e.g. an FAQ agent) or they can integrate with backend data services (databases, CRMs, web services, etc.) for customized, dynamic self-service. When they’ve reached the end of their knowledge, they can even pass control to a human agent for further processing. The human agent receives the full context of the bot interaction for a smooth transition. No more asking the same question twice!

There is still a lot more work ahead of me before I can come close to calling myself an expert, but what I’ve learned so far is worth sharing. And since videos often speak louder than words, take a look at my simple Guitar Shop agent that demonstrates flows, lexicons, slots, and intents.

Mischief Managed

This will not be the last you will hear from me about Virtual Agent Studio. I have already created additional workflows that call out to external services for a much more complete user experience. I also want to share what Virtual Agent Studio can do with the different endpoint types — voice, SMS text, web chat, Facebook Messenger, etc. Stay tuned to this space for bigger and better agents.


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