A Programmers’ Introduction to Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

“Great strategy is consummately practical.”

– Salam Al Shereida

Anyone who has followed my writing over the past several years knows that I am a practical, nuts and bolts kind of guy. While there is nothing wrong with high-level discussions, I like to get my hands dirty by working with the technology I write about. Sometimes, that means sitting down with a protocol analyzer to watch packets fly across the Internet, but more often, it involves writing software that exercises whatever it is that has captured my attention.

My current interest is Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). Specially, I am interested in the Avaya OneCloud™ CPaaS platform. Given the number of articles written about CPaaS, many others in my field are also interested in it. I’ve learned quite a bit from my fellow bloggers, but most take the big picture approach and pontificate on the benefits of CPaaS without ever sitting down and playing with it. Personally, I need more than that and expect that there are others out there who feel the same. So, to help quench that thirst for a deeper understanding, allow me to unpeel the CPaaS onion and take you on a deeper journey into what it can do for you.

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