Writing Applications for the Composable Enterprise

A large part of my job consists of creating proof-of-concept applications that demonstrate the power and flexibility of Avaya cloud APIs.  Customers come to me with ideas and I turn those ideas into something real. 

In the video below, I show the results of a financial customer’s request for an application that integrates Avaya Spaces rooms with Salesforce.com records.  Specifically, they wanted something that automatically moves files added to a Spaces room to Salesforce opportunities.  These files could be added by their customers or account executives.  Additionally, all meeting recordings must be dynamically uploaded to the Salesforce record.  This is a pretty cool way to synchronize real-time collaboration with a backend CRM.

To build the application, I used APIs from Salesforce, Avaya Spaces, and restdb.  I learned a lot along the way and hope you find my solution interesting.

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