Taking the Bite Out of a SIP Hacker

“Never let the same dog bite you twice.”

Chuck Berry

Before I discuss securing SIP, I want you to imagine a bank.  Every bank I know has a sturdy door equipped with a good lock and some form of alarm system.  Inside the bank, it’s not uncommon to have a trained security guard.  The tellers have access to alarm buttons that can be silently tripped.  Behind the tellers there is a vault for safety deposit boxes and the bulk of the on-premise cash.  Every safety deposit box has been secured with a two-key system.  Beyond physical security, bank employees are trained in how to recognize and respond to security threats.

In my latest guest blogging article, I explore a number of different ways you can add layers of security to SIP communications.  It’s worth a look.

Taking the Bite Out Of a SIP Hacker

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