Enhancing Security with TLS 1.3

I am on a bit of a writing roll right now and published yet another article in No Jitter.  Continuing with last week’s discussion on SIP security, I take a look at TLS 1.3.  While that may seem nerdier than you want, it’s important for you to at least have a passing knowledge of what it is and why you need it.  As always, I attempt to make a complicated subject easy to digest.

Enhancing Security with TLS 1.3


  1. Excellent article on the need for better security whether it be Web, SIP Communications (and I assume SRTP was was silently included) etc. And the need to get all to players to support TLS 1.3 whether it’s a manufacturer, carrier/provider or Web site and on and on. I work on certificate issues and renewals on servers and am amazed at the lack of comprehension or so many IT and Telecom technicians/engineers about certificates which further concerns me with TLS 1.3 at many organizations..So this article really hit home and think all should read it to help open their eyes to the risks of not heeding your advice/warnings.

    Thanks Again another awesome article.

    1. Thanks, Mark! It was a fun article to research and write.

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