It’s a Bot World. We Just Live in It

Welcome to the next entry in my series of COVID-19 I-am-stuck-at-home-for-who-knows-how-long videos.  So far, I’ve tackled Bot Building Basics with Google Dialogflow and Can You Really Build That With Breeze.  Today, I recorded another of my popular presentations, It’s a Bot World.  We Just Live in It.  This was originally a breakout session at Engage 2020, but I took it on the road for at least two in-person meetings before being grounded.  It was always well received.

To add a little color to this latest video, make sure you take a look at my Real-Time IT Services in the Palm of Your Hand article.  I demonstrate a lot of what I show here today.

Note:  Although I originally presented this to an Avaya crowd, it is not an Avaya presentation.  The material I cover is all about AI, virtual agents, and natural language processing and is not tied to any specific platform or vendor.

Over the next 30-plus minutes, I talk the what, why, and how of bots.  I tried to make it informative without being nerdy.  You do not need to be a data scientist to absorb the concepts I speak about.



  1. Anthony · · Reply

    Hi Andrew,

    is there a way you can provide guidance on people with zero programming knowledge to be able to start and learn AI and Machine Learning?

    Any courses you suggest? programming language? Basics that needs to be understood before diving into AI and ML?

    1. I would start with learning how to build a bot. Click on the “Bot Building Basics” link and watch the video. Create your own bot. Then, learn how to write JavaScript and create a custom integration. That should be enough to get you started.

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