Can You Really Build That With Breeze?

For me, business travel has always been a mixed bag.  I don’t like making reservations, packing, airports, airplanes, rental cars, and unfamiliar freeways, but I do enjoy meeting new people and being exposed to new and different ideas.  I also love sharing what I know (or pretend to know) with a willing audience.

COVID-19 put the kibosh on all that and for better or worse, I am grounded for who knows how long.  So, while I am not unhappy to be free from the hassles of air travel, all of my upcoming user groups are on indefinite hiatus and I am sorely missing the thrill of an IAUG chapter meeting.

To make up for that, I am going through several of my presentations and turning them into videos.  I previously did that with Bot Building Basics With Google Dialogflow and this afternoon I did the same for “Can You Really Build That With Breeze.?”  I don’t want to brag, but that session was standing room only when I presented it at Engage 2020.

To be clear, talking to my computer is not the same as interacting with living and breathing people, but for now, it will have to do.

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep in touch, and keep practicing social distancing.


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