Remote Worker Virtual Open Office

This Wednesday (March 18th) at 11:00 CDT, I want to try something new.  Instead of a static blog article, I am inviting people to join me in a real-time discussion about remote worker technologies.  Given that Covid-19 is driving millions of people home, this is a very hot topic.  My hope is that once we get over this pandemic hump, the systems and processes we build for remote workers will become a part of everyone’s working life from now on.  In other words, it’s important to get it right the first time.

Off the top of my head, here are some aspects of remote workers worth discussing:


SIP vs. H.323



Legacy Systems


Work at Home Culture

Extend to Cell

Lighting and Ambient Noise

Work at Home Equipment

Network Bandwidth (Enterprise and Home)

Application Prioritization

Legal Issues

Physical vs. Soft Phone


Born-in-the-cloud communications


Mobile Device Management

Contact Center

Mass Notification

Remote Desktop Concerns

Virtual Agents

To join Wednesday’s discussion, simply click on the following link a few minutes before the 11:00 CDT start time:

You will have the option of joining as a guest or an existing Avaya Spaces user.  If you aren’t an existing user and want to be one, click the “Create One!” link to sign up for a free account.  You won’t regret it.

As I write this, I do not intend to present slides.  Instead, I want this to be an open discussion where everyone can share their thoughts and experiences.  My personal goals are to tell you what I know about remote worker technologies and to learn ways I haven’t even thought about.

I am starting this first session with a particular topic (yes, I plan on repeating these virtual open office meetings), but expect future meetings to be more free flowing.  Just a bunch of geeks getting together to talk about whatever we are working on or curious about.

I hope to see* you this Wednesday!


*Despite the fact that my face is not very video friendly, I plan on turning on my camera for this meeting.

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