Fighting Back Against Robocalls

Are you as annoyed as I am by robocalls?  Do you hate being told that the IRS is after you or that you’ve just qualified for a “special” new health insurance plan?

In my latest article for No Jitter, I look at how enterprises can finally fight back against these time-wasting and malicious calls.

Fighting Robocalls the Mutare Way


  1. @Fletch911 · · Reply

    This is a great idea, Andrew, however, the one flaw that still exists is that you are relying on the originating number to be one that is not spoofed. This is why most robocallers use ‘neighborhood dialing’ or using a number that is in the same exchange or one that is geographically near you. You don’t recognize the number, but it ‘looks’ like a local one, and you are more likely to answer it. It also does not stop the robocaller from taking the number of the IRS and spoofing THAT as their caller ID, causing the CNAM lookup at the terminating CO to dip on the number and display the associated name, This is how they will continue to sneak through, and this is why that nothing short of STIR/SHAKEN being provided on the session will stop this completely.

    All things being equal, solutions like yours are an excellent use of logic to help minimize the problem, but the carriers need to get STIR/SHAKEN implemented ASAP to actually provide some level of authentification on the sessions being presented for termination. As always Andrew, I enjoy your take and ingenuity on solving a problem with workflow, and you provide excellent ideas on using what you have in your toolbag.

    Stay well, and CALL ME sometimes:-) You’re on MY whitelist!


    1. I agree that spoofing is widespread. However, good spam blocking solutions recognize this and have algorithms that help mitigate the problem. And yes, Stir/Shaken is the answer, but until it is adopted by most (if not all carriers), something else is needed.

      Let’s talk! I am working on so many fun things that I would love you and subsequently the world to hear about.

      P.S. I, too, would love to head what Avaya is doing in this area.

  2. Fletch, what is Avaya doing/done with regard to STIR/SHAKEN? Can’t really find anything on the support site or Google.

  3. @Fletch911 · · Reply

    Sam- I am going to have to check on that. What normally gets published is committed content, and there could be road map content that is on track for that delivery that may be still under NDA, as most ‘road map’ stuff gets put into until we actually have a full commit. Let me see what I can find.

  4. @Fletch911 · · Reply

    UPDATE: I have contacted the outbound CC Product Manager who is currently on Vacation until July 1st. Expect an answer upon his return!

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