IBM and Avaya and Cisco, Oh My!

On a recent episode of the public radio program, Marketplace, the host, Kai Ryssdal, asked his guest to describe her job in five words or less.  I can’t remember what her response was, but it made me think about what mine might be.  My first reaction was something akin to “Waiting until retirement day,” but after some serious pondering, I finally came to, “I make cool things.”  While my days certainly have their moments of boredom, unnecessary processes, and tedious tasks, I am lucky enough to have the freedom to spend much of my workweek exploring new technologies as I hone my programming skills.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I describe my latest “cool thing” — An IoT bot for WebEx Teams.  I am pretty excited about it and I hope you are, too.

IBM and Avaya and Cisco, Oh My!

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  1. thanks for share IBM AND AVAYA AND CISCO, OH MY!

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