Speaking of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing…

I recently sat down with my friend and partner in technology, Mark Fletcher (Fletch), to talk about artificial intelligence and natural language processing.Β  I hope you enjoy hearing what we had to say about what might be the most exciting and revolutionary technology of our time.



  1. Wow, that music in the background the whole way through is annoying! Makes it very very hard to understand what is being said! Not sure I have learnt anything at all 😦

    1. I am sorry you felt that way. I will pass your comment off to Fletch.

  2. @Fletch911 · · Reply

    So usually I completely disagree with comments about the music. I have found for everyone that says turn it down there is one that says leave it alone. BUT ONCE IN A WHILE, I do get it wrong. In my rush to publish this, I neglected to spot check this all the way through (plus it goes about 20 minutes longer than most of my Podcasts) and I let this one slip through.

    @Peter – you were right. WAY too loud, and WAY too annoying. For this I am sorry, please give it another listen. The audio has been modified and I hope you will now hear the value Andrew has to offer.

    Many thanks for pointing out the obvious, too often we lose sight of the forest through the trees!


    1. Thanks for fixing it up. I really dislike hearing my recorded voice so I missed the music as I cursed “performance.” πŸ™‚

  3. @Fletch911 · · Reply

    Look at that Andrew! One repaired Podcast, and voila! Chapter filings 11 are finished!
    I guess THAT is what they were waiting for πŸ˜‰

    1. To everything turn, turn, turn. πŸ™‚

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