Visualizing Natural Language Processing

Last week I introduced No Jitter readers to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Facebook’s free NLP service,  I wrote about intents and entities and how they work together to convert human language into actionable components.  If you are like me, though, you only learn so much from reading.  You need to see concepts in action before they fully seep into your brain.

To help me understand the finer points of NLP, I used the wit console to create a structured database for queries about package delivery.  I then wrote a Python application that allows me to pass phrases to wit and view the output.  I can do this with both text and audio files.  From there, I took that technology into Avaya Breeze and built a really cool text bot.

To see my incredibly low-budget, yet highly informative (if I say so myself) video on building NLP applications, head on over to No Jitter for:

Enhancing Customer Experience with NLP — Part Two


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