From Bits and Bytes to Drag and Drop: The Zang Workflow Designer

It was almost exactly one year ago that I first wrote about Zang in my article, Zang from the Inside Out.  While I was impressed with its comprehensive and innovative web services interfaces, I’ve moved beyond that.  These days I want the power of those web services, but I’ve been spoiled by the drag-and-drop programming of Avaya Breeze.  Thankfully, the folks at Zang felt the same and have recently launched their own version of Breeze that wraps Zang web services calls inside easy to use, visual widgets.

This week in No Jitter, I explore the new Zang Workflow Designer (along with some Intel 8085 Assembler language).  It’s a fun article about a really cool product.  Take a look!

Zang Workflow:  From Bits and Bytes to Drag and Drop


  1. Hi Andrew, could you copy this article here please? It is not available in Nojitter anymore.

    1. No JItter went through a big rewrite and all the old links were trashed. Here it is.

      I also updated the two links in the article.

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