Integrating ServiceNow and Incident Reporting into Communications Workflows

As organizations grow, add new product lines, hire employees, expand into new regions, and generally carry on the day-to-day business of staying in business, incident management becomes a daunting task.  It is imperative to assign the right resources to the most pressing problems in a timely manner while preventing “fire drills” that interrupt and stifle productivity.  The failure to properly manage incidents can lead to reduced customer satisfaction, overworked employees, safety issues, product flaws, and a loss of revenue.

To solve the problem of incident management, enterprises are starting to turn to cloud-based SaaS platforms.  Not only do these systems consolidate incident reporting into a single, highly available database, but they track those incidents from cradle to grave.

Arrow Insight

Arrow Insight™ is a comprehensive wrapper around cloud reporting systems including the widely popular ServiceNow.  This provides enterprises with a consistent interface for incident creation, management, assignment, and closure.

Arrow Insight gives an enterprise peace of mind that problems will be resolved by the right people as quickly as possible.

Avaya Breeze Integration

The Avaya Breeze platform is an integrated environment providing capabilities that extend across both the Unified Communications space and the Contact Center space to allow applications (Breeze Snap-Ins) to be built in a way that reflects real business processes and customer requirements, rather than technology silos.

As part of my re-immersion into the world of Java programming, I developed software that allows the benefits of Arrow Insight to be easily integrated into Breeze Snap-Ins.  Snap-In developers simply drag the Arrow Insight Incident task onto the Engagement Designer palette to create workflows that add incident reporting to Breeze’s existing toolkit of web services, telephony, SMS and email notification, decision logic, database access, and work assignment services.  Combined with Arrow SI’s Internet of Things (IoT) tasks, enterprises can now create extremely powerful solutions that blend workflow management with cloud incident reporting.

Arrow Insight communications workflow

Use Cases

The use cases for incident reporting within a Breeze workflow are nearly infinite.  Examples include:

  • Database read/write/update failures
  • Error conditions from cloud services
  • Communications failures
  • Abnormal conditions detected by IoT sensors

Using Incident Reporting from Arrow Systems Integration, problems can be reported, technicians dispatched, contact center agents engaged, etc.  The ultimate result is that problems are automatically detected, reported, and managed.  This leads to quick resolution times with minimal to no loss of service.


To learn more about this and my other software projects, please check out my latest submission to the Avaya Snapp-Store.  You will find my work in the Newly Launched and Snap-In sections.

Avaya Snapp-Store

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