Game On – The Gamification of the Contact Center

I’m sure we’ve all been asked to name our worst job.  For me, it was washing dishes at John Gardiner’s Tennis Ranch.  I worked the breakfast shift and clocked in at the absurd hour of 5:00 in the morning.   Not only did I have to put up with scalding hot water, an overbearing chef, and harried servers, but it was my job to make gallons of freshly squeezed orange juice.  My hands were already cracked and dried from scrubbing countless pots and pans, and the last thing I wanted was to douse them in citric acid.  Needless to say, the job was painful physically as well as mentally and I was never happier than the day I gave notice I was leaving.  As I recall, the chef’s response was, “Good.”

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in contact centers.  I’ve worked with IT directors, debugged errant scripts, designed skillsets, and sat with supervisors and agents as they went about their work.  From highly functional customer care centers to chew-them-up-and-spit-them-out call center sweat shops, I’ve pretty much seen it all.

In today’s No Jitter, I explore how contact centers are turning to gamification to help make their agent’s workday a little bit brighter (along with raising productivity, lowering turnover, increasing customer satisfaction, etc.).

Game On – The Gamification of the Contact Center

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