Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors into Communications Workflows

Imagine a world where everyday devices can make telephone calls.  Imagine those calls triggering workflows that enable enterprises to save money, better manage their business concerns, develop stronger relationships with their customers, increase employee satisfaction, and address minor concerns before they become major catastrophes.  Now, imagine those same devices sending emails and text messages, engaging with cloud services, reading from databases, and “speaking” to contact center agents.

For that past many months, I have been working very hard writing software that brings Internet of Things (IoT) data into communications workflows.  The power of this integration is enormous and it would take me months to describe all the possible use cases. In fact, years would be a more accurate measurement of time.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

Working with my very talented marketing team, we put together the following technology brief.  Frankly, it’s a beautiful thing and if IoT is in your future (and my bet is that it is), it’s worth a long, hard look.

Arrow Connect for Communications Workflows


  1. yes, that is a nice idea, I’ve already had a maser thesis and I’ve wrote an article about it

    1. Cool. However, this isn’t a SIP solution. It’s essentially cloud, web services, and workflow.

  2. IOT is a vast subject in itself and the integration or connectivity among various devices is an enormous advancement altogether.

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