Integrating IoT into Avaya Breeze

After many years of uninterrupted blogging, I have been on a bit of a sabbatical these past several weeks.  It’s not as if I didn’t have anything to say.  It’s more that I didn’t have any time to say it.   On top of a grueling travel schedule, I have been spending long days and nights cranking out Java code that adds IoT (Internet of Things) technology into Avaya Breeze.  I am happy to say that I unveiled that code at last week’s Engage Conference and I now feel free to brag about it.  I am planning an article for next week, but in the meantime, here is a view into my handiwork.


  1. Albert · · Reply

    We like to test these IOT gateway in our breeze environment , where i can find more details about this product Andrew?

    1. Read this and click on the brochures. You will find an email address at the bottom of both. Feel free to come back to me with additional questions.

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