Putting a Millennial Face on Unified Communications

The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the millennials have the upper hand, because they are tech savvy, with every gadget imaginable almost becoming an extension of their bodies. They multitask, talk, walk, listen and type, and text. And their priorities are simple: they come first.

— Morley Safer

I cannot tell you the first time I heard the term “unified communications,” but I do remember the first time I experienced something akin to it.  It was back in my Northern Telecom days when I was working on a product that we called VISIT.  I honestly can’t remember exactly what VISIT stood for (Visual Interactive something something Telephony – I think), but it was basically integrated voice and video.

In my latest article for No Jitter, I explore how the millennial generation is changing the way we look at unified communications.

Putting a Millennial Face on Unified Communications


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